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Extracts taken from the CD-Rom "Amicale du Tracteur Renault" (1999 - Jacques Gouet)
and extracts from the "Encyclopédie du Tracteur Renault"
Three volumes (1919-1970) - (1971-2000) - (2000-2005) Editions ETAI
(Reproduced on this site with permission of ETAI)


SIMA    2005


First SIMA with the CLAAS tractors 

  The CLAAS brand is definitely there and exhibiting a single stand for tractors and equipment.


 The RENAULT name has disappeared ; but the general public is there and undoubtedly this is what made an impression at this SIMA.

The green tractors on display are, of course, the former RENAULT tractors.

However, the Xérion was there and it is also a CLAAS tractor which did not belong to the  RENAULT range


19 July 2005 sees the release of the latest RENAULT ARES

This is an ARES 816 RZ N° 4412706

   Now only the ERGOS are produced at the Le Mans factory under the RENAULT brand, the PALES are also branded RENAULT, but are manufactured at ROVIGO

The Renault logo and flags have been taken down 

(Photo J.Gouet- ATR)

The name RENAULT Agriculture has disappeared, the new name is Claas Tractor


    It was on 24 November 2009 at 8.54am precisely 

that the Ergos 466 type T3501 Plate N° 1001316 

rolled off the Assembly Line at Le Mans.(photo J.Gouet ATR)

     That was the last Renault that would leave the Le Mans factory; moreover, it was the one and only Ergos T3501 model made!

   But the story does not end there; as, thanks to you having just read these pages, you have helped the ‘ Amicale du Tracteur Renault ’ to keep alive the memory of the Renault Tractor by enabling everyone to revive the image of their tractor as closely as possible to the original


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