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Founding President Jacques Gouet, active president from 1997 to 2015, asked for his replacement at the beginning of 2015; during a general meeting

Replacement of the Chairman: Marcel Renault elected to replace him and resigned on September 15, 2022 during the general meeting.

Replacement of the Chairman on 09/15/2022 during the 2022 general meeting: by Bernard Jaunay Member of the ATR for several years; we wish him a good performance.

Jacques Gouet will of course continue his activities within the association


This association was established to illustrate the Heritage Value of the Renault tractor 





Newspaper dated July 18, 2001 (Relations Presse Denis LE CHATELIER, Paris.)

(Text revised at the end of 2005)


  The living memory of Renault Tractor.



    Since 1997, a handful of tractor lovers have been documenting all the RENAULT tractor models produced since 1918, with their technical specifications, publicity campaigns and the company history. All this information is now available on two CD Roms for the enjoyment of collectors and hobbyists. It is also partially accessible on the Internet.

    Agricultural tractors give collectors a lot of joy. Museums, specialist magazines, temporary exhibitions, displays at trade shows and working demonstrations during farm festivals, show the wide interest generated by such machines. RENAULT, who have built tractors since 1918 had to keep their reputation.


     This is being carried out thanks to a group of volunteers composed of current and past company staff and tractor users, who have created, with the assistance of RENAULT Agriculture, the "Amicale du Tracteur Renault".


     The objective of this club is to illustrate the Heritage Value of "RENAULT Agriculture."


     "Our objective is to create and maintain a constantly updated history of the company and all its products", says Jacques GOUET, founding president of the ATR club.

     Up to now the club has recorded over 809 RENAULT models, built between 1918 and 2009, together with all the associated documents from the company archives. This represents a considerable task because, for each model, the number of tractors built, the dates of production, various photos of the development of the model, details of the components fitted with corresponding drawings and advertisements and even video material have been collected. All this information has been wonderfully produced on two interactive CD Roms.(Sold out !), but resumed in part on our website.


     The first, covering the 1918-1984 years. The second, covering the 1984-1994 years. The Album and History sections served as a support for the writing of the Encyclopedias du Tracteur Renault edited by E-T-A-I in 2003. An English version of each CD is also available.


     This whole task representing more than 3200 hours of work.


     Additional services are also offered by the club, such as, providing technical repair and maintenance information (for models over twenty years old). These documents are available at a cost to provide funds to ATR and allow the club to repair and maintain the tractors under their care.


     Apart from managing its documentary resources the ATR functions as a club where collectors from France, Canada, Holland, Belgium and other countries can exchange technical information, spare parts and other resources.


       The club has been closely associated with RENAULT Agriculture since its early stages, ever since Claas acquired Renault Agriculture shares. A convention was signed by Claas/Renault Agriculture SAS and ATR then Claas-Tractor, ATR becoming sole proprietary of all its old tractors and its associated technical data, advertisements, photos, films, etc. and consequently owner of its reproduction and broadcasting rights. This convention reinforces the partnership we wish to establish durably by remaining in the agricultural world.

     In the future ATR club members hope to develop the tractor museum within the Le Mans factory and further improve the experience of the museums many visitors.


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